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AVM’s is a world renowned producer of valves for the Water & Sewage Industry, as well as for Irrigation and Hydro-power applications.

Our long and uninterrupted heritage of valve expertise started in 1967, and today our products are present in over 80 countries world-wide, enjoying a favourable position in several key markets.

With know-how that has been garnered over decades, AVM is able to properly guide clients in selecting the correct type of valve for any given duty, as well as giving recommendations for material selection, operators etc.

AVM’s team of engineers have 30+ years of experience with valve designs, production, site installations etc.

The most modern software programs are used during the design process.


Even more important than good tools, is the know-how to use those tools in the best way. Or as we say in AVM: Flow-How.

We welcome your enquiries and orders!