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Slanted Seat Check Valve Double Offset, Heavy Duty Design. Highly Efficient, Rubber-to-metal sealing or Metal-to-metal sealing

The SlantTech is the result of AVM’s expertise in cutting edge valve technology, starting more than 5 decades ago.

AVM SlantTech Slanted Seat Check Valve was Designed for the water industry, taking into Account the latest development and know-how.

Slanted Seat Check Valves

General advantages of Tilting Disc Check Valves:

  • Functional light design:
    a – Cost effective in purchase: Light and compact design results in a comparatively good price against other valve types
    b – Cost effective during installation: Light design allows easy handling and installation
    c – Cost effective in use: Problem free designs
    d – Cost effective in maintenance: The design is almost maintenance free. Replacement of the resilient seal (disc edge) is the only major part to be changed out.
  • Smaller requirement for installation space
  • Field approved safe design
  • Low head-loss
  • Can used for several types of applications

Easily replaceable O-ring shaft seals

Specific advantages of AVM SlantTech:

  • The best combination for a check valve is
    a – High eccentricity
    b – Short stroke
    This is achieved with this design
  • Optimum closing of rubber seat into the body seat
  • Shear strain of the rubber seat much reduced due to the high eccentricity
  • Sealing ring completely relieved from stress and wear in the open position
  • The rubber seal is uninterrupted by shaft bearings etc
  • The seal is easily replaced when the valve disc is open
  • Replacement of the rubber seal is very economical and be done without dismantling of the valve
  • The valve can be designed for higher working pressures, such as PN25 and PN40
  • No risk for disc flutter (vibrations) by means of an unbalanced disc load
  • Dashpot damper (bottom-mounted) is possible
Slanted Seat Check Valves

Size Range and Pressure:

DN150 to DN3000 as standard

PN6 to PN40 as standard

Some basic information:

Slanted Seat Check Valves
Slanted Seat Check Valves
Slanted Seat Check Valves
Slanted Seat Check Valves

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