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Swing-Check Valves

These Swing-Check Valves is the result of AVM’s expertise in cutting edge valve technology, starting more than 5 decades ago.

Our Swing-Check Valves are used in thousands of installations world-wide, and has been designed for the water industry, taking into account the latest development and know-how, exceeding the requirements of BS5153 (EN12334). They are excellent for sewage applications!

AVM Swing-Check Valves allow full, unobstructed flow and automatically begins to close when the flow velocity decreases. By the time the flow reaches zero, the valve will be fully closed and thus effectively prevents back- flow.

Swing-Check Valves

The Swing-Check Valve is supplied metal-to-metal seat, or with metal-to-soft seat. Soft seated discs are normally asked for where noise is objectionable or where positive shut-off is required. The seating surface is placed at a slight angle to permit sealing at lower pressures, and to provide less shock under higher pressures.

A wide selection of materials is available, ensuring that the valve can meet with different requirements.

Sizes and pressures go up to DN2000 and PN40 as standard.

Advantages of AVM Swing-Check Valves:
• Low head-loss
• Drop-tight sealing, due to Bronze/Gunmetal seats (std.)
• O-ring shaft seals as standard
• Aeration and drain tap
• Integrated lifting lug and holes
• Easily replaceable O-ring shaft seals


  • Lever and Weight
  • Protection Guard (for the lever and weight)
  • By-pass line (integral)
  • Limit switches, Flow switches
  • Top Mounted Damper
  • Bottom-mounted dashpot damper (clean water only)

Some basic information:

Swing-Check Valves
Swing-Check Valves
Swing-Check Valves
Swing-Check Valves

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